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A collection of products with refined design, realized with precious papers, noble print techniques and bound with Gloo.

All the books of this collection are bound with Gloo, an innovative and patented technology that enables to open the pages completely flat at 180°. Writing on books bound with Gloo is much easier! In addition, Gloo grants the possibility to tear one or more pages off, without compromising the integrity of the product. This collection includes different types of Gloo binding, as they all give to the book a different visual effect. Color, Glitter and Texture are similar from the technical point of view, but totally different from the aesthetic!


Luxury design gift!

Manufactured by LEGATORIA GPS srl in Italy




GP&S is now 30 years old… for 30 years we have been granting to our customers our care of the smallest details, our selection of the best materials, our precision, our work made by skilled and expert hands for a result of great excellence, completely Made in Italy.
We are specialized in finishing and assembly, as these phases represent the highest expression of manual labour and require great experience to find solutions, even when it seems impossible to.

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